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Hulu is currently facing an outage

Your attention is required Face unlock on the Pixel 4 just got way more secure

Ever since it launched back in October 2019, the Pixel 4's face unlock has had a serious security vulnerability. Thanks to the April 2020 security patch, it's finally being addressed.

WarnerMedia names former Hulu chief Jason Kilar as CEO

NEW YORK — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday cited tentative signs the coronavirus outbreak was “flattening” in his state but warned against complacency as the U.S. death toll topped 10,000 and the number of cases reached 350,000.

Hulu not working, down | Hulu Live TV channels missing – Report

Hulu services are currently down and having issues. Many users are reporting issues with Hulu services. If you are trying to access any Hulu but it is not working for you correctly, fret not, as it is down for many users. Several users are reporting issues with Hulu live TV.

Cate Blanchett reflects on coronavirus, 'Mrs. America'

Cate Blanchett's latest project is about an important period of U.S. history, but she didn't expect it to debut in the midst of anothermajor moment in history.

Cheap Xbox One X deal at Best Buy: $100 off the Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Bundle

Check out Best Buy's cheap Xbox One X deal and save $100 on a new Xbox One X Star Wars Bundle – on sale for $299!

The best movies to stream on Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel is an embarrassment of riches, which can also make it kind of intimidating. While almost every streaming service is frustrating and repetitive to scroll through in its own way, Criterion doesn’t have a shortage of classic films or new hidden gems in its archives. The hardest part isn’t finding something you haven’t seen before, but narrowing down from two or three dozen options on a given night. If you’re tired of the often banal offerings from Netflix or Hulu’s film offerings under quarantine, Criterion Channel may be the place to find a fresh collection that largely isn’t available to stream anywhere else. It can be hard to know where to start, but these films are among the best for getting your feet wet.

Why Everyone Is (Thirst) Tweeting About Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is a cartoon series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2007. It centered on Danny Fenton (voiced by David Kaufman), a teenage boy who, in a lab accident, fused his DNA with “ectoplasm,”allowing him to activate ghostly powers. Unfortunately for Danny, his parents are the town’s resident ghost hunters, which means he has to keep his identity a secret. To make high school even more complicated, his newfound skills make Danny a target for less-than-friendly creatures from “the Ghost Zone.”

Stream it While You Can: 'Happy Endings'

Streaming is at an all-time high, so here at Grit Daily, we want to provide you with the right comfort food recommendations. Shows that can ease the mind, maybe provide some laughs, and most of all, pass the time. One exceptional option to get the job done? ABC’s tragically short-lived comedy series, Happy Endings. Produced by the directing duo behind Avengers: Endgame, Anthony and Joe Russo, the comedy series is pure delightfulness. It’s a story of friendship that could warm the coldest of hearts.

Will There Be a 'Taken at Birth' Season 2? — What We Know so Far

“We are proud to tell the profound stories of loss, hope, and reunion that make up Taken at Birth," TLC President Howard Lee said in a statement. "This special event shows a different side of TLC, while embodying the heart, hope, and human connection that speaks directly to our viewers.” 

Why FX's Breeders Is The Most Binge-Able Family Comedy For Adults

Yes, Breeders is a family comedy, but not in the sense that the whole family should gather around the TV for a night of wholesome entertainment. It’s an irreverent take on a family dynamic. Set in the U.K., Breeders follows Martin Freeman’s Paul and Daisy Haggard’s Ally as they try to raise their two young kids, facing challenges ranging from getting them into the best schools to getting them to fall asleep to not attracting undue attention for how often one of the kids winds up in the hospital.

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