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The 11 best movies on Netflix (April 2020)

Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s round-up of the best movies on Netflix in 2020.

Tiger King: Is Netflix Really Planning a Surprise New Episode?

There are at least three key takeaways a viewer can glean from Tiger King. One: Gay polygamist private-zoo-owning Oklahoman country music one-time presidential candidates do exist. Two: There are more tigers in this country than one could have ever imagined. Three: You probably shouldn’t take anything that Jeff Lowe, the big-cat enthusiast who’s taken over Joe Exotic’s zoo, says at face value.

Every Canceled Netflix TV Show In 2020

Every year, the list of shows Netflix cancels gets longer. Given how they keep creating more and more programming, though, that's to be expected. Still, you might be surprised by some of the TV shows the streaming service has already cut short. From an interesting musical concept to some truly creepy horror entries, it's not as if Netflix is targeting a single general to get axed.

What is Netflix Party? Coronavirus shut-ins can watch together

Co-founder and the first CEO of Netflix Marc Randolph says the streaming service was prepared to handle a crisis such as the coronavirus outbreak.

Here Is Your Netflix Streaming Guide For This Week | Grit Daily News

The good thing about going through a pandemic in the age of streaming is that none of us are likely to feel like we have to re-watch Game of Thrones if we don’t want to. Personally, our weekly Netflix streaming guide has gotten me through many fits of boredom over the last month. With new content to stream on a daily basis, there is never a shortage of entertainment so long as you can stand to look at a screen.

When is the new bonus episode of Tiger King released on Netflix?

6 April 2020, 16:12

Netflix shows to binge while staying at home

While I am currently staying at home due to unforeseen circumstances, I have decided to binge everything I could find on Netflix. And that is a lot folks. And while I was in there, I suddenly got the message that, and I got really teary eyed, I had reached the end of Netflix.

Ozark season 4: Jason Bateman reveals Netflix drama's uncertain future

Jason Bateman says Ozark hasn’t been renewed for season 4 yet (Picture: Netflix)

*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Ozark season 3*

The 10 Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now (April 6)

The new Netflix film “Coffee & Kareem” is now the most popular movie on the service, according to Netflix’s public ranking system.

Money Heist fans dread agonising two-year wait for Netflix’s season 5 as coronavirus throws filming schedule into chaos

MONEY Heist fans are dreading the agonising two-year wait for Netflix’s season 5 as coronavirus has thrown the thriller's filming schedule into chaos.

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