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Hulu not working, down | Hulu Live TV channels missing – Report

Hulu services are currently down and having issues. Many users are reporting issues with Hulu services. If you are trying to access any Hulu but it is not working for you correctly, fret not, as it is down for many users. Several users are reporting issues with Hulu live TV.

‘Deadwater Fell’ with David Tennant | How to watch, live stream, TV channel, time

Fans of British television or the tenth iteration of Doctor Who won’t want to miss out on the new mini-series Deadwater Fell. Made exclusively through AcornTV, which is available on Amazon Prime, David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) and Anna Madeley (Patrick Melrose) star in this intricate mystery.

Bravo! Two splendid series set in the searingly emotional world of the performing arts

Flesh and Bone is mainly about dancer Claire Robbins (Sarah Hay), who seems to appear out of nowhere, a fully realized, gifted dancer. Obviously there’s something hidden in her past, but it takes a while to learn about it. ourtesy of Amazon Prime Video

To touch while not touching. That’s the thing. That’s what the performing arts do.

Three Identical Strangers study - what we know about the experiment that separated twins at birth

Three Identical Strangers, new to Netflix is the unbelievable true story of identical triplets separated at birth as part of a secret psychological study into their development. It tells the story of David Kellman, Bobby Shafran and Eddy Galland, but the haunting truth is that the study was enacted on many more sets of twins and triplets.

What to watch on Netflix if you love The Witcher

This show was absolutely bound to appeal to a niche audience, despite the fact that it's really good. A satirical musical with the backdrop of knights, sorcery, and damsels in distress? We honestly can't believe Galavant made it two seasons and, again, this is despite the fact that it's really good.

Why FX's Breeders Is The Most Binge-Able Family Comedy For Adults

Yes, Breeders is a family comedy, but not in the sense that the whole family should gather around the TV for a night of wholesome entertainment. It’s an irreverent take on a family dynamic. Set in the U.K., Breeders follows Martin Freeman’s Paul and Daisy Haggard’s Ally as they try to raise their two young kids, facing challenges ranging from getting them into the best schools to getting them to fall asleep to not attracting undue attention for how often one of the kids winds up in the hospital.