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Insatiable: Netflix Cancels Series After Two Seasons

There is sad news for all the Insatiable fans who were expecting a renewal of the show. Not only the possibility of renewal is lost, but Netflix made it clear for the fans that the show is canceled after airing the show for two seasons. The dark comedy was controversial even before its inception, and since then, one or the other conspiracy has always clouded the future of the show. The show was blamed for promoting body shaming.

Alyssa Milano confirmed on twitter that the show had been canceled, and any chances of revival of the show died with this tweet. Although the show did try to bring forward the complex issues and harmful discrimination which persist in our societies, Netflix must have thought before canceling the show. One of the main reasons for not reviving the show is the pool of controversy going around the show.

Source: India TV

The story is pivoted around a teenage girl named Patty, who used to be fat when she was a kid, and she was bullied for her body fat. But she eventually managed to shed the extra weight, and now she is up in arms to take revenge for all the body-shaming she has been subjected to. There are other characters too, without whom the show wouldn’t have survived for two seasons. Alyssa Milano, Michael Provost, Kimmy Shields, and Dallas Roberts are the other characters who are part of the series, and fans have applauded them for their fabulous acting.

There are different theories doing rounds as to what went wrong with the show that Netflix has to discontinue the show abruptly. There are hundreds of rumors going on, but if we focus on the substantial part, certain things were happening, which ultimately led to the closure of the show. The show was premiered for the first season in August 2018, and there was a section of the society who felt that the show is promoting body shaming. The event went on to the extent to initiate a petition against the show and pressurized Netflix to discontinue the series. The request got 1,00,000 signature, and that was grossly detrimental for Netflix and the producers as well as the actors.

There was news doing rounds regarding the discontinuance of the show, but finally, it’s official now that the fans aren’t getting a new season. The main reason for the discontinuance was the show’s inability to address a social issue with ease and delicacy. Sensitive matters related to physical appearance, race, or community should be dealt with at most care, as they have an inherent potential to spark controversy.

There are shows where sensitive matters are dealt with, but the reason for their success lies in the delivery mechanism, the way content is delivered ultimately leads to the success or failure of the show. And frankly speaking, the way the message was delivered aroused a section of the society, and the resultant is the cancellation of the show.

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