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‘South Park’ Nears Streaming Deal Worth $500 Million USD

Comedy Central‘s premier animated series South Park is looking for a new streaming service home, and creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker could walk away with half the digital revenue of its $500 million USD deal.

According to Bloomberg, the creators and Viacom are shopping the series around to various companies, with about half a dozen interested in the bid. Recently, premium shows like The OfficeFriends, Big Bang Theory, and Seinfeld have had their streaming service rights sold for exorbitant amounts of money. Although these shows were big in the ratings during their heyday and have big followings, South Park also contains its own huge following — it currently stands as one of Hulu‘s most-watched shows.

Although the show has been available on Walt Disney’s Hulu in recent years, Stone, Parker, and Viacom are looking to acquire over double than what they sold for the rights. Hulu would like the keep to series on its platform, but according to Bloomberg sources, only if the price doesn’t get too high.

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